Meet November

November has always had an interest in hair. When younger she would do her siblings hair as well as her own. This love for hair continued throughout the years. When she began working for Corporate America she would change her hair styles frequently. Little did she know but her various hair styles would soon become a hot topic at work. She soon found herself after work styling various co workers hair almost every night of the week. It wasn't until one day when her husband came home and saw his living room full and a client enjoying the dinner November had made for him that he said to her "enough is enough" and suggested that it was time that she pursued hair full time.

In 2008 she took her husbands advice and enrolled in cosmetology school. She had to relearn everything that she taught herself but it was very rewarding and solidified in her mind that this is what she was supposed to do as a career. As she continued on in cosmetology school learning how to deal with primarily Caucasian hair, she would find herself being asked to help teachers in other classes with students that had textured hair. It started happening more and more frequently and November realized that she had a special talent for textured hair. She was able to understand the needs of that hair type and was able to style it but also help it grow and be at its healthiest. The more she helped teachers work on textured hair the more she realized that this was the type of hair she was most passionate about and decided that textured hair would be what she worked on upon graduating school.

In preparation for that day she became an apprentice at a high end natural hair salon. It was there that she strengthened her ability to do various styles on textured hair as well as learn how to work with celebrity clientele. In 2009 after completing cosmetology school she came on board officially and began building her own clientele. In 2011 the salon owners split up the brand and November decided it was time to venture out on her own.

June 1st 2011 marked the beginning of Back To Your Roots LLC. November chose this name because it represented the ability to go back to your roots and just be yourself and express that in your hair and every other facet of life. November's motto is "free to be me" and she believes that she helps others be free and express themselves through hair.

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